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Down in [link|http://www.itwire.com.au/content/view/5253/106/| Ozland]. First:

Hope springs eternal
Written by jhenager on 2006-08-11 07:17:28"Hopefully, such gaping holes in the software company's operating system will no longer be discovered with the release of Vista."
Yeah, and maybe the next time I blow out the candles, I'll get my wish.
MS produces sloppy, insecure software. They always have, and always will. You literally can't count the number of buffer overrun vulnerabilities in the various versions of NT on both hands and both feet. This has been going on for FIVE FRIGGIN' YEARS now.
Some people just don't understand computers. It is frightening that such lousy software is now running aircraft control, power grids, hospitals, and other critical functions.
We are setup for a massive burn. Only then, will people see what a mistake it was to put all our eggs in this flimsy basket.

+ a rebuttal:

Written by cicorias on 2006-08-11 08:33:30 This was a netbios (port 139 &445) vulnerability.

What idiot has their machine on the internet with those ports open?
And so it goes.

Heh.. and on the {ugh} home front -

Was just over at neighbor's last night. Wipe, reinstall a dejunked 98SE-lite on a 600 MHz PIII HP desktop, while she pursued manic sleuthing on her late notebooks:

Having invested untold sums for books / other sources + several hundreds of hours poring over logs over past 6 months or so,
following advice of such gurus as Langa (and others) re Beastware,
trying to set up router to specs (a wifi one used now in wired mode only) etc...

Having thence successsfully run some weeks! after imaging stages of an install, doing patches via CD, carefully combing same / no IE, LookOut et al allowed, yada yada ad nauseum -

Her Extra Pain has been 0\\/\\/|\\|3D yet again -
*and* her G-4 Powerbook as well, perhaps by same crack-troupe -

as she compares logs, dates, addresses, stuff stored on HD, processes launched.. and watches the intricate scripts running (even disconnected from web!) -
including the PW-locking of a partition,
oh and - ever so much more, in the OS-X case.

Fortunately, I am unable to assist in the networking matters/omissions - though I may have to adsorb more of that, if I'm ever to take up a lo-ball offer for cheap hi-speed. Maybe on an old AS-400?

I'll assist her where possible in ferrreting out a Real network Pro in this bucolic area.. yeah, Good Luck. Outnumbered 20:1? If all else fails locally, probably best to ship her nbs + router to where the talent is: local PFYoot don'k know shit, as is expected. Work by rote. Bizness big boxes knowingly sell this unsecured crap.. Knowingly send out idiots to rip-off the lambs. Must be happening to millions, now (?)

Apple 'Care' -?- [Hah] tried to blow her off, saying such utter crap as,

A) You shouldn't be looking at logs! Only technical people should use those.
B) Apple is invulnerable to these things anyway.. (you must be imagining..)
and other patronizing crap. Guy in CA - might as well have been Bangladesh.

(She now has a contact whose wife works in S. Jobs' office; he/she are sure that The Steve would not WANT their minions spewing such BS to customers. We'll. See. Maybe they'd *like* to do an autopsy on a trashed G-4. Maybe her Macbook too. Maybe not. Repos still run the $ales of all these toys.)

[Oh - screw Poker! (she now says) Linux only, next on the hP nb. Not dual-boot. Guess I'll be expanding at least some horizons... but not iptables and cached Serial numbers, nosiree Bob.]

I'd hate to Have to take Anything to do with these boxes, Seriously.

'Jes a watchin the IT-intarweb mirror the rest of the state of the State.
Imagine: Your Hospital on Doze. Don't get very sick.

Expand Edited by Ashton Aug. 19, 2006, 12:47:32 AM EDT
New Use Ubuntu, Kubuntu or Xubuntu
Really your best choice at this time.

v6.06.1 LTS Dapper. (LTS == Long Term Support)

Ubuntu == Primary GNOME Desktop Environment
Kubuntu == Primary KDE Desktop Environment
Xubuntu == Primary XFCE Desktop Environment

All good, all work well.
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Yeah, but 10s of Trillions of US Dollars?
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Prolly Kubuntu for her - as a not-yet burned-out enthusiast, she'll want to be able to fiddle more than Gnome thinks we ought to.

(For that matter, for my older hP nb too. Can practice on hers; see if the dual-boot option works, even without one being GRUBified to a fare-thee-well.)

How nice if the latest K build should detect the old And the new.. say, as well as Knoppix already did?

Unavoidably curious now, about the mechanism of these possessions.
Would be loverly to set a really treacly honey pot; alas, just knowing the name is not enough.

but then.. curiosity is the lowest form of Interest.

New I love this comment
Written by cicorias on 2006-08-11 08:33:30

This was a netbios (port 139 &445) vulnerability.

What idiot has their machine on the internet with those ports open?

How about nearly every home user on the friggin' planet..... IDIOT.
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