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New That's not fair
They did research, you just used common sense. :-P

Of course you come from a long line of people who were selected on the basis of brains, not social class... (j/k)

But there is a serious point. How did England get to be so germanic? The obvious answer would be that a lot of germanic people invaded and overwhelmed the natives. Their research indicates otherwise, it indicates that a small group of settlers established a segregated society and outbred the locals. The fact that there were a small number of invaders rather than a large number is a piece of historical trivia that I wouldn't have guessed.

Now lest you think this is a stupid question, let's ask the follow-up question, why isn't France as germanic as England? After all France was invaded by germanic people as well, whose tendencies were the same as the ones who invaded England, but pretty much all that they left was their name.

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New OMFG you dont know history?
In middle earth there were picts on an Island south of the Cimmerians. The Aquilonians conquered both sort of.
Picts, Angles, Celts the Celts were Sycthians from modern Hungary. Angles were a somewhat germanic people that moved across france into britain. Saxons were the forerunners of scandihoovians. They Landed and wrest good farming areas from the Picts. Celts came accross france and invaded Britain displacing picts and angles after the romans drifted out. Danes cousins to the angles started raiding the northeast establishing a beachhead. They used farming techniques advanced to the picts and the celts were herdsmen. The Angles were amenable to breeding with the saxons and held large parts of the best farming areas. Since this was pre xian britain they had different religions from the celts/picts and held themselves apart. The Picts/celts stuck with molesting sheep and fishing while raiding the still poorer bastards to the west.

Enter the More modern danes viking/saxons who invaded what was already partly germanic farming populations. Like Bonnie and Clyde they went where the money was. The resultant constant invasions with cross breeding resulted in colonies staying behind. Alliances were made between the fochs who fucked the fochs and lorded over the poor folks who hid in the desolate places.

In 10something or other the frogs attacked. Actually those frogs were english decended from the germanic side as both peoples held dirt in both france and england on the edges and didnt discourse with the more froggish peoples like the franks and eyties to the east. After slaughtering the german sounding fooks they refused to breed with them leaving a healthy stock of good englishmen without froggish tendancies.

there I hope this clears it up for you
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New I wanna see that used as the narration for a flash movie
History of the World, Part II.

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New I actually do know most of the history
Enough to be able to add quite a bit to what you said, but never mind. It was still entertaining seeing complexity rendered into gibberish by your deft paws.

a very rich person should leave his kids enough to do anything but not enough to do nothing. -- Warren Buffett
New Not just gibberish,
but authentic frontier gibberish
Impeach Bush. Impeach Cheney. Do it now.
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