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Enterprise search has to mean you're searching your servers. Everyone who thinks that the next server flavor of Windows won't have some special indexing magic that's only (conveniently) available to the next desktop Windows, raise your hand. Now everyone with your hand in the air, slap yourself in the face for being stupid.

Microsoft wins by being a step ahead. They develop the next desktop apps alongside the next desktop OS, which is alongside the next server OS. (Yes, I know those last two are mostly the same.) Google doesn't get to start working on an app to search Vista Server until Vista Server ships, by which time Vista Enterprise Search™ will already be installed. By the time Google has shipped something comparable, there will be loads of third-party Vista apps deployed that incorporate VES in their "Open" dialog.

On second thought, this would be a nice trick for Google to get a step ahead: provide a developer API so their flavor of search can be incorporated into home-brew and third-party apps. Pledge to keep that API stable for X years. Do some cross-marketing where apps have a "Designed for Google" logo on the box, and watch Ballmer shit himself.

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