Microsoft *IS* still up there on the top of the mountain.

Just think if Microsoft had 95% of the road builder contracts in the world. They then put in special "add-ons" to allow you access to the road your Govenrment had just built. And they put very basic and unreliable traffic control on even the most complicate road-network. Allowing people to high-jack you car without any repercussions, even without being in the vicinity... I'd have to believe people would be outraged.

Also, once they do start to ge a handle on the advanced version of the road-networking protocol, they then change things just a bit every so often your car can't communicate reasonably, because you are using a "competeing but compatible" traffic control accessory... and causes you to become stranded in the middle of this "RoadKill Game", when you get a "notice" that IF you agree to a terribly restrictive license to drive and promise to buy the "Real" accessory they will at least let you off the road... and then install the "Competitive upgrade version" along with this in car music player that only plays certain music formats that you can't improve or change.

I hope you understand where I am going with this. In the end, because people understand cars and are typically not afraid to use them and understand that they are typically a good vehicle (at least when new) that any kind of bullshit like this would cease to exist.

Where it not for people being dumb about using computers and afraid of actually learning about them, and fully understanding how and why... I'd have to think that not much of these shenanigans would even be happening.