[link|http://www.groklaw.net/users.php?mode=profile&uid=5880| Doug Marker] is in the lists.. looks to be about 40 yrs experience there, (run-outta-town on that peculiar specialty ... pretend high dudgeon; escalate gratuitious nastiness: 'Win'-assholish-game?)

Damn, had almost forgotten about that ugly episode, too.

As to Beast kicking&screaming (it is all they have ever known) - one would hope that a Regime change in DC + the increasing worldwide dyspepsia with Beastware FUD and fragility - will answer that question, too. Unless of course - Diebold manages to bring it off, again [odds??]

Jeez, ya don't need much techno-cuth to see the transparent waffling within those mealy-mouthed Official pronouncements: clearly they are betting 'the past is prologue' - that nobody much in Govt., still! in 2006 - even knows how to make a new directory. Or how to select a Save format. What if they're right about that?