Sure don't. Looks like it's SNAP now instead of SDD. I don't see any pricing on their site either. Hmm - this under My SciTech looks interesting
SciTech SNAP Graphics PE contains all of the features found in the Enterprise Edition, including advanced acceleration, custom mode support and powerful display control. In fact the only real difference between the commercial product and the non-commercial version is the license. In addition to the license difference the personal edition includes support for a single graphics device, which you specify in your user profile. This can be easily changed at anytime to accommodate upgrades to your hardware or supported operating system. Should you require support for multiple chipsets and or need a solution for non-personal use i.e. an office environment you can easily upgrade "PE" to either the ENT or IES commercial editions.

SciTech SNAP Graphics PE, is provided under the terms of our non-commercial use license, which allows registered users to benefit from the product in a non-commercial environment free of charge.
will have to look into it tonight.