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New It's called RIS + (minor) scripting.
Microsoft has a tool called RIS which autodeploys Windows installations over the network. Combined with Active Directory, Group Policy-deployed .msi files, a reboot script and something that turns on network booting at certain times of the night, you can basically have the entire network rebuild itself every night.
When somebody asks you to trade your freedoms for security, it isn't your security they're talking about.
New But now you are telling everyone they need network storage
because the local hard drive is useless in these scenarios for file storage. Or, you could expect all users to ensure daily backups....har har har.
If you push something hard enough, it will fall over. Fudd's First Law of Opposition

New We've ALWAYS said that.
If it isn't on the network, it doesn't get backed up.

My company can deploy a fresh PC for me to use in about an hour.
Non "standard" software is up to me to install, though.
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                 It's called RIS + (minor) scripting. - (inthane-chan) - (2)
                     But now you are telling everyone they need network storage - (bepatient) - (1)
                         We've ALWAYS said that. - (broomberg)

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