Some time back I posted about InnoTek's Adobe Reader 4.x kit. It worked wonderfully and read all the stuff the last Adobe OS/2 version (3.0) couldn't, but it wouldn't print - the print job always jammed in the queue with a "form error", whatever that meant.

I posted on InnoTek's discussion forum and was told nobody was going to answer a problems with systems running FixPacks earlier than 16. FP-16 was only available with a paid-up IBM contract (which is no longer available) and I was stuck on FP-12 anyway due to the DOS performance problem.

Looking into it again, I found the problem was actually stupidly simple. An HP LaserJet 4 Plus compatible (I was using a Lexmark E312 with the HP LJ-4+ driver) is a "letter size" printer. InnoTek is a German company and their Adobe Reader kit defaults to A4 size. Change that to letter size and it works just fine.