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New What if Microsoft designed the iPod Packaging?
If you've bought anything from Apple, you know that their packaging is wonderful - slick, simple, with lots of little layers of discovery - like some high end gift basket or something.

You get the same kind of ooooohhh ahhhh you might get first opening a finely varnished mahogany box with velvet lining to reveal some wonderfully intricate and polished scientific instrument.

OTOH, Microsoft would have done it like this:

I laughed, I cried, it is so true.

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New :-)
New I giraffed like a drain.

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New Loved the requirements
New :-D
New Somebody speaks the language :-D

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New Wow. That was brilliant.
Sad but true!
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New Masterful!
Sent off to a couple ex-Doze berets.. hilarious!!

That's the set-to-music definition of Crass and Innovation-less - to a fare-thee-well.

I unpacked the Airporter Limo serene white wifi thingie from that stark white box; parts arrayed ~ the way Japanese arrange lunch boxes to-go. Gave good connect within about 10 min; coulda been 5, but I wanted to read stuff.

Ah well.. some day.

New Rand? That you?
I know, but it SMELLS like you...

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