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New Is there more in it that what was in the transcript?
Because I read that and it sounds like he doesn't know what he really "found" yet.

FWIW MS doesn't seem to think there's much to it:


but that's what they want you to think.
Chris Altmann
New Where'd you find a transcript?
Since I don't have an iPod, a podcast is only slightly less useless than a toothache.
shrub●bish (Am., from shrub + rubbish, after the derisive name for America's 43 president; 2003) n. 1. a form of nonsensical political doubletalk wherein the speaker attempts to defend the indefensible by lying, obfuscation, or otherwise misstating the facts; GIBBERISH. 2. any of a collection of utterances from America's putative 43rd president. cf. BULLSHIT

New On GRC
[link|http://www.grc.com/SecurityNow.htm#22|Here]'s a variety of formats.

Not a lot of meat there, though.

New Podcast is just an MP3

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                         Podcast is just an MP3 -NT - (drewk)
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Actually about a funicular railway!
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