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New Well, Clippy is still present.
Here over at the Evil Empire, using Office XP (by mandate) I hit F1 to trigger help to figure out how to do something. What should pop up, but Ye Evil Olde Clippy, bane of help users everywhere.

I thought they gave him the ax for XP, but I guess I was wrong... Sigh.

It now takes two clicks to get rid of Office Assistants for good.
New Clippy's revenge!
He's still there, but you must not have done a "custom install" to remove the Office Assistant. I think it was all a big marketing ploy to confuse people into thinking that XP stood for eX-Papperclip. :)
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New Meaning of XP
Heard on the local radio station, by a well respected talk show host, that XP stands for eXtra Profit.
New Nah
XP stands for eXtra Profit.

With the licensing and upgrade protection schemes they've got in the works, I'd call it eXtortion Program.
New You got it wrong
It stands for eXtra Penetration, for when all the violators get sent to the federal pen.
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The next steps I'm real fuzzy on.
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