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New You could liken it to a vintage car.
OS/2. Original VW Beetle. Over? Yes.

But does it still have its loyal fans, its people who use it daily, and who attend convetions, get-togethers and swap-meets about it? Absolutely.

All I need now is accusations of Beetle zealots stuffing online ballots, and my comparison will be complete :)
Two out of three people wonder where the other one is.
New There are rumors...
That when DARPA and others were first online(1972-3)... there was a DDoS simply because of the programmed voting for the VM Beetle as Car and Boat of the year.

Of course this doesn't explain why in 1963 a similar occurance happen... but the mail carriers cheated and used trucks to dump the mail in-line for Car and Driver to tally.
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Freedom is not FREE.
Yeah, but 10s of Trillions of US Dollars?
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New Piece of crap car
Steering so bad you thought you were driving a home made go-cart with rope twisted around the steering column.
Car so light the slightest breeze could push you off the road.
Straw in the seats, at bit of dampness and they co stinky moldy.

On the other hand, you could fly over bumps and never bottom out.
New ecxept for the second sentence you are describing my van
"the reason people don't buy conspiracy theories is that they think conspiracy means everyone is on the same program. Thats not how it works. Everybody has a different program. They just all want the same guy dead. Socrates was a gadfly, but I bet he took time out to screw somebodies wife" Gus Vitelli

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                         You could liken it to a vintage car. - (Meerkat) - (3)
                             There are rumors... - (folkert)
                             Piece of crap car - (broomberg) - (1)
                                 ecxept for the second sentence you are describing my van -NT - (boxley)
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Several ICLRPDs in there, but I'll let others pick out their favorites.
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