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New Sigh
Ah, inflamed passions of (can't be youth) hmmmmm.

It is an orphan technology.

It has been disavowed by the core developers.

It is closed source.

It is over.

It may take a long time to fall down, but it is inevitable.

It may outlive me, hanging on, being supported by people such as yourself. If you can make a living on it, great, no argument.

But there is finite dwindling number of companies that use it. There may be an occasional new company, as an OS/2 person goes from one to another, but there is no mindshare, no public pushing, no advertising of any realistic amount that could make a difference, no serious possibility of future expansion of usage.

As each next generation of hardware comes out every few years, there is less and less of a chance that it will run on it. So the possibility for running on new gear dwindles.
New The future
imho is implementing the WPS to run under X, or perhaps some other graphical system like X.

Done right, it could kick serious ass. It's not the tech itself, it's the ideas behind the tech that make it so good... it would be a shame to see some of those ideas disappear.
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New People have been talking about it since 1992.
Remember that the Workplace Shell on OS/2 was supposed to be the first piece of IBM's grand vision of having the WPS everywhere (even DOS, though that was dropped as it was too memory intensive, IIRC.). There was a [link|http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/windows/wpsfw151.zip|WPS for Win16] that was pretty neat (as a concept, but limited), but the WPS never went beyond OS/2 and Win16. At least not publicly.

I have to think that IBM has a WPS for Unix in a drawer somewhere, or had someone write it under contract and that vendor has it in a drawer somewhere. The fact that there hasn't been an Open Source work-alike in all these many years tells me that it's not a simple problem.


Is anyone working on it? I don't see anything at [link|http://www.netlabs.org|http://www.netlabs.org]


New Yes, definitely not a simple problem
In a way, you could say that it's why I'm going to school. OTOH, there are certain things that exist now that make it way easier than it was say ten years ago, or even five years ago.

Still, it's definitely not a simple problem. OTOH, it's certainly far from an intractable one.

I think part of the reason people haven't produced it is that most programmers (and esp. *nix programmers of the snooty variety) have had no exposure to it.
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