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New Wasn't really disagreeing - have experience re Title Co.s
Not even BS it's ES - elephant shit - one of the biggest nationwide scams still not attacked by the sheep. Baa Baa.

The idea of havin to go back to Spanish Land Grants (hah!) *Each* time something be sold.. and then just keep sellin a sorta Insurance Policy for the present occupant (and charge the Next guy for doin it over!):

Hell THAT's right out o' one of Billy n/Bally's little EULAs. It made no sense 50 years ago - and even less today. It's a free ride for the Title Co. dudes and NOBODY SEZ ANYTHIN. Baa Baa

Maybe fuck 'em IS the best attitude to have towards utterly tame sheep who keep handin out free-$ with nary a squawk about how utterly Stupid is the whole rationale (?)

New yep cute concept unless you dont unnerstand
how to check for a clear title. Lotsa people have been screwed over by unknown easements etc.
can I have my ones and zeros back?
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