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New Are you?
Sure, BeeP..
The press and opposition are just as targetted and generally quite a bit more mean spirited in their analysis of this President.
No. Shit. ???

Jeez - which. press. Is. That?
New Jersey has its own one-way RF-umbrella, then?
Such a different mix than any I've heard.. tuning through the dross we call 'coverage'. Over all these years. And during a RT to AZ, central valley excursions (our little Red-State); a samplin the wares.

So then -
While the Admin-laudatory spin (no matter what the event to be explained-away) has been an utterly predictable feature of the Corporate meeja; ah, surely these dissident voices you mention are -in NJ- given fairly-complete coverage in these news events, too - right? You've been hearing these on your local Clear Channel et al - is that what you're saying? (Or did ya need a Google or thirteen to Find these Commie voices?)

Or maybe you're just weaving us another of those little spells, a little Socratic-methodology; something soothing (like, ~the overall Corporate News Package Delivery System is fairn'balanced) and next you'll be a sayin ~~

Why ANYONE might have made this lengthy sequence of pig-ignorant blunders, unprovoked invasions sold via selective data-taking (aka Lies).

Just ANYONE might have displayed that same hubris which "don't need no steenkin planning: just send in a few Marines".

What's that sort of dreamweaving usually called? Oh Yeaahhhh: plausible deniability IIRC.
I see: the press has been as merciless on Bush from the get-go as with Clinton, from the get-go!

In New Jersey. Ohhh kayyyyyy
Send me the air checks.


If you push something hard enough, you're a pusher.
New Read a paper
All of a sudden...talk radio seems to be what people are calling "mainstream media"

Would have thought better from you.
If you push something hard enough, it will fall over. Fudd's First Law of Opposition

New This too
[link|http://torrent.crooksandliars.com/cnn_lt_pelosi_kyra_defends_bush_050908a.wmv.torrent|http://torrent.crook...0908a.wmv.torrent] (WMV Torrent)

This is not so much biased as completely inept. The reporter seems to have an attention deficit of some sort as she is unable to stay on topic and keeps interrupting Pelosi with things like "but wouldn't space alien hydro-rays still have the same effect" (small exaggeration - sosumi).

"Whenever you find you are on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect"   --Mark Twain

"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."   --Albert Einstein

"This is still a dangerous world. It's a world of madmen and uncertainty and potential mental losses."   --George W. Bush
New ICLRPD. (new thread)
Created as new thread #224119 titled [link|/forums/render/content/show?contentid=224119|ICLRPD.]
New Hey Mr. Stat- Man, play a Red Herring for me, for it's...
Ah, so Those are the rules: the ones left who buy and read a 'daily paper' -
('Course that does leave Faux news in there, along with 700 Club, Clear Channel, [1]Christian Broadcasting Corp. et al. 'Mainstream Media' = millions, right?)

And we're going to just elide them survey things which indicate just how many get their News+views Only: predigested from their fav Shouting Heads, in '05 Murica.

Point of Order, then.

[1] BTW - ya never got back to me about when you Honest mainline Christians we keep hearing about - are going to Take Back the Logo\ufffd\ufffd [??]
(Or are none of us Cleared to be let in on the plans.. as must surely be Marching
---> Onward ??)

New Well then
feel free to change any definition you like to suit your agenda.

From this day forward, Rush Limbaugh is mainstream media. Woohoo.
If you push something hard enough, it will fall over. Fudd's First Law of Opposition

New Toss ya a bone and you
try to make a bludgeon -
*Point*, for the slow: it may no longer be ass-umed, re the mob and its parts -

"The Media says ___"

What DOES constitute 'their'?/an identifiable group's? main sources of ""information""?
'The Media' is as dead a concept as,
"The American People think ___"

(Who'd a thunk - after the death of Father Coughlan.. that so-called Preachers would AGAIN be spoutin around these parts, clips from '30s German speeches, as 'scripture'! AND: that being. eaten. up. by the flock.)

There are only simplistic answers this far - to these questions.
But if/when the Well IS sufficiently poisoned, I predict one thing:

Amoebic dysentery of the jelloware is a strong likelihood.
(Unless it's already here.?. and That's what suppurent jelloware Sounds Like.)

New *whack*
cavemen did use bones as clubs, dontcha know

the term "mainstream media" is used quite a bit. But more and more its being used as an inclusive term to include am talk radio and other fringe elements. While you may think it a dead concept, that concept is bouncing around quite a bit and seems (while maybe on its last breath) still to be very much alive around here.

If you push something hard enough, it will fall over. Fudd's First Law of Opposition

New Well if ya buy 'Left'/Right' you'll love 'media' I guess

New I tend to agree with Peter
that our discussions are generally "right and righter still"...but around here its simpler to think in terms of right, left...since thats the "common" methodology
If you push something hard enough, it will fall over. Fudd's First Law of Opposition

New No no-it's "FAR righter" and "even MORE EXTREME right-wing".
New Re: *whack* re Talk Radio
I neglected to mention that factoid heard en passant on NPR, from a survey whose pedigree I didn't hear. Mentioned that in #222404.

1/4 "get their 'news' via talk radio"

SInce it didn't add, "in the Ozarks" or other qualifiers ...
If there's any substance behind that report: Formally add-to-'Media' in defns. file.

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