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New Turning into C++
MS is slowly turning VB into C++, all of the VB changes I have seen so far for .NET are C++ stuff adapted to VB because the .NET runtime is really a C++. Rather then build a real language independent runtime or handeling the problem in the VB layer they are just pushing C++ stuff into VB at the language level.

Try/Catch isn't so bad, it's ultimatly cleaner then VB's old system. But I hate the += type syntax, all you gain is saving a few keystrokes, but you also get some nastly ordering problems and have to memorize a whole load of new operators.

New I think I'm turning into a C++ Developer
Since VB.NET is slowly turning into C++ and taking the way they do things from C++ then. Frelling hot stuff, I might as well use a C++ compiler and do things the right way. I got to dust off my Borland C++ 5.0 CD, and get my hands on a GNU C++ compiler and start coding away. It will just save time that way!
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New VB.NET is
......taking the world's top-selling language and making it resemble the worlds 2nd-top-selling language (Java).

I guess it is time to change careers.

At least until MS sets its targets on some other popular language that will no doubt grow in popularity due to the gap left by MS's targeting approaches.
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