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New M$ & IBM settle
[link|http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/business/3249145|Microsoft, IBM settle 1990s OS/2 antitrust case]
Software powerhouse Microsoft Corp. said today it will pay $775 million to IBM to settle an antitrust lawsuit from the mid-1990s in which IBM charged that certain Microsoft practices hurt its OS/2 operating system and SmartSuite products, along with its server and hardware business.
Darrell Spice, Jr.                      [link|http://spiceware.org/gallery/ArtisticOverpass|Artistic Overpass]\n[link|http://www.spiceware.org/|SpiceWare] - We don't do Windows, it's too much of a chore
New Should have gotten more.
After sticking the world with Windows, they should pay at least $100 per current Windows user..
Imric's Tips for Living
  • Paranoia Is a Survival Trait
  • Pessimists are never disappointed - but sometimes, if they are very lucky, they can be pleasantly surprised...
  • Even though everyone is out to get you, it doesn't matter unless you let them win.

Nothing is as simple as it seems in the beginning,
As hopeless as it seems in the middle,
Or as finished as it seems in the end.

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