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New Lemme get this straight
They will be shipping the insecure OS that makes spyware easy, spyware, and spyware removal software? Can you spell conflict of interest???

Will the American public?

I have come to believe that idealism without discipline is a quick road to disaster, while discipline without idealism is pointless. -- Aaron Ward (my brother)
New One stop 'shopping'.
Imric's Tips for Living
  • Paranoia Is a Survival Trait
  • Pessimists are never disappointed - but sometimes, if they are very lucky, they can be pleasantly surprised...
  • Even though everyone is out to get you, it doesn't matter unless you let them win.

Nothing is as simple as it seems in the beginning,
As hopeless as it seems in the middle,
Or as finished as it seems in the end.

New The American Public will continue to complain to me . . .
. . about my anti-Microsoft comments and will continue to demand that I get their Windows to work right.
     Microsoft in talks to buy adware publisher Claria - (Andrew Grygus) - (21)
         Lemme get this straight - (ben_tilly) - (2)
             One stop 'shopping'. -NT - (imric)
             The American Public will continue to complain to me . . . - (Andrew Grygus)
         Rather have you show me Linux and WINE - (jb4)
         And I'll help with OS/2 installs on the East Coast. ;-) -NT - (n3jja)
         Microsoft Anti-Spyware now ignores Claria. - (Andrew Grygus) - (15)
             How many days are left on the doomsday clock? :-/ -NT - (Another Scott) - (10)
                 I suggested they move it up a couple minutes - (Ashton) - (9)
                     I think he meant the Gryge's own "Internet useless at" clock -NT - (CRConrad) - (8)
                         Prolly, but aren't the Count-down clocks synchronized? -NT - (Ashton) - (1)
                             Hopefully not. - (CRConrad)
                         Actually that was 'Windows useless on the Internet'. - (Andrew Grygus) - (5)
                             Today I had one so bad . . . - (Andrew Grygus) - (4)
                                 At $3-400, via those execrable Mail-in coupons.. - (Ashton) - (3)
                                     Not quite so simple . . - (Andrew Grygus) - (2)
                                         Why isn't a thin client compelling in that situation? - (Another Scott) - (1)
                                             Reasons 1 through 5 . . . - (Andrew Grygus)
             Why useIE to kill cache; why not just use "deltree"? -NT - (CRConrad) - (3)
                 Cuz it doesn't exist on XP? - (pwhysall) - (2)
                     More properly... - (inthane-chan) - (1)
                         Nah. - (pwhysall)

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