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New Looks like it
The bottom half builds

windowopen("[link|http://_135_blanks_@"|http://_135_blanks_@"] + ???_1,"","width=800, height=600, menubar=???_2, resizable=0, scrollbars=1, status=0, titlebar=0, toolbar=0, left=100, top=100" + ???_3);

which matches the discussion on SpamCop.

The real URL is decoded by the top half, but the seed value is missing.

Wondering if deobfuscating this was a violation of the DMCA? ;-)

New That's what I figured
But on this public terminal, even if I had some tools I could deobfuscate it with, I don't know enough about windows trojan programming to ensure I didn't trigger the damn thing just by trying to read it.

Thanks for clearing it up (somewhat). I was wondering if I should report them to their ISP for it, but hell, no harm no foul, right? (Translates as: I don't feel like spending the next three weeks trying to explain to level 1 support that this thing was a nastygram.)
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