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New Let the denials begin
In the same way that celebrities deny being gay by appearing with their wives, we'd better appear with our anti-MS credentials and philosophies.

JBoss/Tomcat/Struts/Oracle/SQL Server programmer. Java/J2EE is better than .NET because it's more mature and can run on Linux boxes without a license. And the company is less vulnerable to severe audits.
Matthew Greet

But we must kill them. We must incinerate them. Pig after pig, cow after cow, village after village, army after army. And they call me an assassin. What do you call it when the assassins accuse the assassin? They lie. They lie and we must be merciful to those who lie.
- Colonol Kurtz, Apocalypse Now.
New Re: Let the denials begin
OS X on the desktop.
Linux on the mail server.
VMS on the application server.

Yes, I use Windows at work. As does pretty much everyone, directly or not.

Greg, this thread is unpleasant. Starting witch-hunts is just not cricket.

[link|http://www.ubuntulinux.org|Ubuntu Linux]
[link|http://www.kuro5hin.org|There is no K5 Cabal]
Use P2P for legitimate purposes!
New gads you are so evul!
[link|http://www.iwethey.org/ed_curry|REMEMBER ED CURRY!] @ iwethey
New Fine
Linux/Perl/Mason/Apache/Oracle developer here. Perl is better than both C# and Java because it allows for a faster development cycle, enabling a small team to replace a large one. ;-)

I am not in a maze of twisty APIs, all alike. :-P

I have come to believe that idealism without discipline is a quick road to disaster, while discipline without idealism is pointless. -- Aaron Ward (my brother)
     Well, we've got a new M$ shill/.NET advocate, among us. - (folkert) - (32)
         Barry...? -NT - (ben_tilly) - (1)
             Nope -NT - (folkert)
         Thane -NT - (broomberg) - (4)
             Pity. He had promise. - (ben_tilly)
             Not I. :P -NT - (inthane-chan) - (2)
                 Oh well -NT - (broomberg) - (1)
                     Not me, either -NT - (dws)
         shun? -NT - (boxley) - (10)
             Nope -NT - (folkert) - (8)
                 hope its not the slugger /me cringes -NT - (boxley) - (7)
                     I'd consider that highly unlikely - (ben_tilly) - (6)
                         heresey,rank and burnable :-) -NT - (boxley)
                         Er, why? -NT - (admin) - (4)
                             You used to do VB, you like Java... -NT - (ben_tilly) - (3)
                                 "Like"? I suspect it's more "it sucks less" -NT - (drewk)
                                 *Used to* do VB - (admin) - (1)
                                     tweak*2 = success! :-P -NT - (ben_tilly)
             Er, no. - (Yendor)
         Greg? - (Another Scott) - (2)
             I've got answers for that. - (folkert) - (1)
                 :-D -NT - (Another Scott)
         Whoever it is must be leaving something pretty crappy - (drewk) - (1)
             All the paperwork will come - (bepatient)
         RK? -NT - (tuberculosis) - (1)
             That's my bet. -NT - (mmoffitt)
         Let the denials begin - (warmachine) - (3)
             Re: Let the denials begin - (pwhysall)
             gads you are so evul! -NT - (folkert)
             Fine - (ben_tilly)
         Okay, it's official (new thread) - (drewk)
         Are you talking about me? -NT - (jake123) - (1)
             nope - drook -NT - (tuberculosis)

Smoke the pipe, and there will be no lies between us.
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