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New Something I've completely forgotten how to do . . .
As OS/2 Warp4 is installed, Alt-Enter shrinks a full screen window. I've got one machine where that interception has been turned off, but I've completely forgotten how. I need to do that on a couple of others - anyone know how?
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I didn't know ALT-ENTER did that. I've done a few GOOGLE searches and read over the OS/2 help files but didn't see anything on disabling it.

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New Some possibly irrelevant trivia...
Alt-Enter on a Windows box expands a DOS program to full screen, and vice versa (IIRC). On OS/2, Alt-Home does the same thing. But it doesn't work with OS/2 console programs because of the way screen writes are done in native OS/2 text programs.

Years ago I wanted to tie a DOS program which did full-screen graphics into Kai Uwe Rommel's (IIRC) OS2EXEC so that I could run it in a window when it was doing text-mode stuff, then have the program send Alt-Home to the keyboard and OS/2 so it would automatically be expanded to full-screen. There didn't seem to be any way to do get it to work - the hooks were too low level. :-(

I wasn't able to find anything in Warp 3 Connect which disabled Alt-Enter. Are you sure you don't have some 3rd-party hook installed? Something in Object Desktop or something?

I think Pete Norloff has a list of keyboard shortcuts on his [link|http://www.os2bbs.com|OS/2 BBS] (you can download stuff without being a member), but I don't know if it talks about how to disable them. If it's possible, it's probably there.

Good luck.

New Most likely a configuration file
Like Windows 3.X used to have PIFs that made key combinations part of the DOS application and didn't pass control to Windows. I suspect that OS/2 also does this with DOS programs somehow via a configuration file. Maybe the default one got modified?

Thing is that ALT-ENTER is used for some DOS programs. I think that Frameworks or some other DOS program with menus would use ALT-ENTER for some menu systems.

Windows kind of borrowed the ALT-ENTER behavior from OS/2.

I am just guessing here, I haven't seriously used OS/2 since 1995, maybe 1996 tops.
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New Re: Something I've completely forgotten how to do . . .
I thought all of those options were in the DOS properties. It should be 2 switches...first to open the program in a full screen session and the other one to disallow the Alt-Enter keystroke for that DOS Session.

However...I don't have a Warp box set up at the moment to test that memory.

I have no choice!

New Re: Something I've completely forgotten how to do . . .

If you want to make it universal, I believe you can change the properties on the DOS Window's properties in OS/2 System -> Command Prompts -> DOS Window.

One other possible place might be in the template for it...

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New Trouble is . . .
. . I'm talking about OS/2 windows, not DOS windows.
New The universal settings aren't so universal
since they only affect prompts you haven't already modified. That's not necessarily a problem, but it's something you should keep in mind.
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Bit of an extreme case, isn't it?
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