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New Those stats may be depressed too
simply because anyone that has Windows, has IE; even if they only use it for updating Windows. This of course means for at least some reports, anyone who has Mozilla, Firefox, or Opera on Windows is being counted twice (if everyone used Firefox, this type of reporting would show 50% share)

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New And besides that
Today I had to use the UserAgent extension to tell a site that I was using IE6 when in fact I was using Mozilla. The site came up, then it redirected to a message telling me that they had imporved the site, and to take advantage of it I'd need a more modern browser. Provided links to the download pages for IE and Netscape.

I offered a different UserAgent string, and compared the site side-by-side with Mozilla/Linux and IE6/WXP. I didn't see any differences. Had the pediatrician not already called the prescription in to that pharmacy, they would have lost a sale.

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