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New MS settles with Novell and CCIA

Nov. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Microsoft Corp. will pay $536 million to end an antitrust battle with Novell Inc. and also resolved a dispute with the Computer & Communications Industry Association trade group.

Novell and the trade group will end their involvement in a European Commission case against Microsoft. The settlements cut Microsoft's previously reported first-quarter net income to $2.53 billion, or 23 cents a share, the company said in a statement.

The agreements help silence two of the Redmond, Washington- based company's biggest critics. Microsoft, the world's biggest software maker, has been resolving its legal issues to focus on reviving sales. Growth is forecast to slow to 6 percent this fiscal year from 14 percent last year.

It's not really surprising that companies and groups are continuing to roll over. MS's deep pockets are very persuasive. :-(

New The goal is to keep government anti-trust efforts
from having anyone to back them.

I hope that they fail.

I have come to believe that idealism without discipline is a quick road to disaster, while discipline without idealism is pointless. -- Aaron Ward (my brother)
     MS settles with Novell and CCIA - (Another Scott) - (1)
         The goal is to keep government anti-trust efforts - (ben_tilly)

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