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New DOJ wants Microsoft back in court
Now this is a surprise.

DOJ wants Microsoft back in court ]

By CNET News.com Staff
July 13, 2001, 3:00 p.m. PT


Will licensing changes clear XP?
Emmett Stanton, antitrust lawyer, Fenwick & West

The government's call to get Microsoft back on the stand could potentially put a cramp in the software giant's plans to get Windows XP on shelves without trouble.

Government seeks to speed Microsoft case
update The action could be a sign that the government will seek some kind of injunction before the Windows XP ships in October.
New This is interesting
This is interesting because it suggests that DOJ is going to aggresivly pursue this case. I had been highly worried that Bush's DOJ would roll over for MS and give them some sort of toothless settlement. But this is a fairly aggresive move that shows a DOJ that wants to get something in place before MS's next OS release. This doesn't totally eliminate my worries, MS and the DOJ could still produce a useless settlement, but this does reduce that fear.

I wonder if this is because the states are still so strongly behind the case, and DOJ doesn't want to end up looking foolish. If they sign some meaningless settlement and then the states go ahead with the case and win, the DOJ would look pretty stupid.

Now my biggest fear is that MS could sucker the DOJ into another agreament that doesn't actually mean anything. MS has a long history of tricking people into deals that don't mean what the other party thinks they do, and working to render the deal meaningless at the same time they are signing it. Given the history of the case, I think the DOJ would be very wary of this, but it is still possible if they get pressure from above to settle the case.

New Well, there's another possibility

Maybe they've figured out that if MSFT gets to continue in their ways, that the US software industry will get wiped out in the global market within ten years. Why would anyone from any place other than the United State's back yard want to play in that sand box? They won't. There's simply too much downside for places like Europe and the far east to letting MSFT run their software industries...

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