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New Longhorn...gored?

According to developer sources, Microsoft is cutting back its Longhorn client's planned feature set so as to be able to make its current delivery targets: Beta 1 by next year and final release some time in 2006.

"Longhorn is going to stop being a whole new thing and more of an XP with a lot of good new stuff," said one developer close to Microsoft, who requested anonymity.

Microsoft officials declined to comment on the pending announcement, other than to say it will happen on Friday and will involve Longhorn.
New Re: Longhorn...gored?
If they waited for everything to be done, the world would have moved on by then. Even Microsoft isn't immune to that. They have a window in which they need to introduce (or at least, vaporduce) new products before people start getting antsy. Especially with the new licensing scheme. People are wondering why they're paying so much money for licensing if there are never any upgrades to get for free as a result.

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They talked about leaving some things out before. But if the article you link to correct they are really gutting it, removing almost all of the architecure advances to get it out the door in 2006.

Actually, it wouldn't surprise me if they move it up to 2005 considering the degree of gutting they are doing. They remove most of the architecture improvements, and end up with XP+1, but it will be something they can get out in a resonable time frame. And that might be their goal here, faced with a choice between removing the advanced stuff and pushing the release date back into 2007, they went with the first option.

It had reached the point that it was starting to hurt MS that they havn't had a major OS release since XP. It was looking like Linux was moving forward while MS treaded water. And their big customers are getting angry that they had paid for expensive support and upgrade contracts on the OS, and MS wasn't providing any.

New Gutting
The only thing they really seem to be "gutting" is WinFS, by pushing it back (at least) a year to coincide with Longhorn Server. This, IMHO is a good thing, as I think WinFS will be much more useful across a network and with shared WinFS stores.

It looks like Avalon (new vector based graphics/UI system) will be backported to XP so application developers can target an increased (ie: existing) install base with the new technology.

I think Indigo (networking and web services stuff) was already meant to be backported, even to Windows 2000. It might even be released before Longhorn.

I'm sure there will be more casualties as the ship date draws nearer, but excepting the WinFS delay, I'm liking their new plan better so far.

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