Lantastic upgrade packages do not include a license number, that must be loaded from the first floppy of a full license set.

Lantastic 6.0 did fine connecting DOS and Windows 3.1 workstations. 7.0 works pretty well to mix Windows and DOS stations on the same network, and an OS/2 version was available but didn't always work right.

Microsoft's Windows for Workgroups 3.11 was aimed directly at Lantastic, but was so bad it had little impact. With Windows95 they destroyed Lantastic by forcing it to make it's calls through Windows networking hooks, making it little better than Windows Networking (except for security and DOS/Win3.1 integration) and making it less stable.

Lantastic (now version 8.0) is now owned and distributed (along with all other Artisoft products except their PC/PBX) by Sparticom. Lantastic is still used, but now primarily in POS (Point of Sale) systems.