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New RPG is kinda cool
I was going to a 6 month tech school (BASIC,BAL, JCL, COBOL) about 22 years ago. My brother worked on a S/34. I lived with him.

The Unisys mainframe at the school had RPG. So for every assignment I had in COBOL, I also did it in RPG. 1/10 the code.
New *smile*

Imric's Tips for Living
  • Paranoia Is a Survival Trait
  • Pessimists are never disappointed - but sometimes, if they are very lucky, they can be pleasantly surprised...
  • Even though everyone is out to get you, it doesn't matter unless you let them win.

Nothing is as simple as it seems in the beginning,
As hopeless as it seems in the middle,
Or as finished as it seems in the end.
     Hey Meerkat - Another stupid JCL question - (broomberg) - (8)
         Reaching way back here - (morganek) - (2)
             X in 72 is normal for cont IIRC - (dmarker) - (1)
                 Nah, that's application specific - (broomberg)
         So, how did the sysprog fix it? - (Meerkat) - (4)
             Exactly correct - (broomberg) - (3)
                 RPG programmers tell me we've got it easy. :) -NT - (Meerkat) - (2)
                     RPG is kinda cool - (broomberg) - (1)
                         *smile* -NT - (imric)

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