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New Warpstock 2004 - The mile high event
Warpstock 2004 -- This is the announcement you have been waiting for. Get out your calendar and mark it so you can make plans to attend this educational/2 event. The Warpstock Board of Directors is very excited to announce that Warpstock 2004, the eighth edition of the annual Warpstock event, will be held in Denver, Colorado, October 21st thru 24th, 2004.

There are some terrific changes in store for attendees to make Warpstock a truly educational/2 event. The details have yet to be finalized, but the Denver Team is proposing to make Warpstock 2004 a four day event. The extra two days will include some in-depth classes (possibly at extra cost) on specific subjects with the traditional presentations on these days as well as on the traditional weekend event. Although we encourage people to attend all four days, a registration fee structure will allow you to select how many days you will attend. We also want you to know the Denver Team has planned 3 Different Evenings for us to get together after hours and get out of the hotel for a taste of the Rockies.

We will have much more information about the Denver area on the web site at [link|http://www.warpstock.org|http://www.warpstock.org] soon. The web site is being overhauled by our new web master, Robert Kuropkat. So please bear with us during this transition period. You can check the web site regularly for updates on Warpstock 2004.

Denver is known as the Mile High City because of its location on the high plains at the eastern base of the Rocky Mountains in the Central United States. It's serviced by Denver International Airport, which is one of the worlds largest airports and a major airline hub. Besides the Rocky Mountains, Denver offers such attractions as the Denver Zoo, the Denver Mint, the Coors Brewery, the Butterfly Pavilion And Insect Center, Buffalo Bill Museum And Grave, as well as many other cultural, art and entertainment facilities.

The final hotel contract and arrangements are still pending. When these are finalized, we will announce specific room costs, reservation instructions and location information. We just wanted to let people know the "where" and "when" so they can begin to make plans to attend the OS/2-eComStation event of the year. Some airlines are currently offering $160 or less round trip airfares right now, and with oil prices rising, that may be a real bargain later this year. The dates and location for the event are set and will not change.

Have you been to Warpstock yet?

* Warpstock 1997 - Diamond Bar, California
* Warpstock 1998 - Chicago, Illinois
* Warpstock 1999 - Atlanta, Georgia
* Warpstock 2000 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
* Warpstock 2001 - Toronto, Canada
* Warpstock 2002 - Austin, Texas
* Warpstock 2003 - San Francisco, California
* Warpstock 2004 - Denver, Colorado

Warpstock, Inc., is a North Carolina corporation. The Warpstock annual conference is a gathering of OS/2 users, developers, and vendors from around the world for the purpose of education and advocacy. More information is available at the Warpstock web site: [link|http://www.warpstock.org|http://www.warpstock.org]
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Just in case people were wondering, Warpstock, Inc. is a non-profit corporation chartered in North Carolina. We were turned down by the IRS for Federal non-taxable status becuase we advocate the use of a for profit corporation's product. We are not in this to make money just to give OS/2 and eCS users an annual educational and social opportunity.

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