Shark Tank: Sure it's fun -- until someone puts an eye out

This pilot fish is hard at work in the network control center for a big
bank when the computer room infrastructure manager strolls in, carrying
his newest toy: a magnet the size of a baseball.

"He began by walking around the computer room, putting the magnet on
all the mainframe cabinets and front-end processors," fish reports.

"Next he walked into the network operations center to show us his
magnet. He demonstrated how cool it looks when you wave it over our
terminals, especially the color terminals.

"By the time we wrestled him away from the terminals and took the
magnet out of his hands, the damage was done. Alarms were sounding,
terminals were scrambled and our infrastructure manager was running out
of the center."

Total tally from the infrastructure manager's fun: One front-end
processor goes into alarm and has to be reset, and several terminals
must be replaced.

"When he realized what the damage was, he gave us a dumb look and
mumbled something about not knowing that would happen," says fish. "And
we didn't see him come into our area again for a good long time."


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