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New I do it different for servers and desktop
For a server I have swap / and /u. /u is where all applications are loaded and where all data is kept. Anything anywhere else that must survive is copied to /u for safekeeping. This way, I can wipe the whole OS and install a later version, or I can format and reinstall after an awful crash or admin error without affecting my data at all or my applications.

For desktops, most applications like to keep user files and configuration stuff in /home/username/*, so I partition swap / and /home.
New /home is almost always a good idea.
It took me quite a while to realize that /home should be as large as possible because in each home directory there are almost no rules! I'd been trying to put stuff in /usr and /usr/src since they belonged to the system. Well, I'd been trying to convince myself of that... Then I realized that I was trying to keep /home/wwb clean for no good reason. Just a few directories are all it takes and it's easy to put in there just about everything I want to play with.

My server has a 30Gb drive just for /home. Everything else is on a separate 4Gb drive.


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         I do it different for servers and desktop - (Andrew Grygus) - (1)
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