I see that the unpopular and unsexy required services would go begging. Military for one. The current system while bad is composed of folks grovelling at the trough for tax dollars and the popular ones get funding, others go without. In west Palm planned parenthood is well funded. In Anchorage AK they are ignored. While not taking a position on that agency in any way just multiply that result by all the communities in the nation on any issue. People would starve in some states while others would be magnets for the welfare folk.
I would suggest that the charitable contribution deductions be raised to do some of what the article lists. I could donate to the boy scouts while others would decide gay and lesbian public health services would be more appropriate. Ad nausium. Either way the money would go into a cesspool anyway as the agencies we have now are nepotistic graft machines, the idea proposed would only lessen what little oversite we have via the GAO.