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New Total opposite in newspaper here.
I read that after reading a news article in the sunday paper that tryed to say just the opposite. The clueless journalist thought that now that microsoft had won, all the other private lawsuits would dry up without a higher court ruling to stand on. Apparently the idiot didn't bother to read the ruling. =8^)

And the journalist also talked about how mean to suit was to those poor, defenceless M$ investors. Some people just can't get it into their little heads that investing is a calculated risk. They risked having money invested in M$ and now the piper has come do.

Ah well, I know better than to expect better from most journalists. I certainly don't expect rational or logical thought from them.

Dave "LordBeatnik" Jeffery
New Out of curiosity...
Where is "here"? :-)

-scott anderson
New Durham, NC
The article was in the Herald Sun. It doesn't appear to be online. It was written by Paul Beckner, president of "Citizens of a Sound Economy". Well, I now know that CSE is run by an idiot.

David "LordBeatnik" Jeffery
New Run by an idiot...
... or by a "grassroots specialist"... ;-)

-scott anderson
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