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New Yeahbut . . .
. . . I used it for a few minutes and it looked pretty good (depite being pre-beta cranky). Then I copied a url from Netscape Navigator to the clipboard, then tried to paste it into the address bar of Opera and it went down hard (illegal operation). Now it won't run at all - "illegals" before the screen comes on. I consider this to be a significant bug.

At 1024x768 that ad bar was so distracting I wouldn't consider using this thing at all until I can buy off the ad bar.

Yes, the zoom feature is fabulous (I used it when the Windows 3.1 version still ran under WinOS2) and I have no idea whatever why other browsers don't have it. I guess it's the old "If Internet Explorer doesn't have it, then we don't need it" thing.
New Did it start with any options?
I've had a couple crashes. OThe next time I ran Opera it prompted me to see if I'd like to:

1) reopen the pages it was on during the crash
2) open nothing
3) open the default windows

I found this to be a slick feature. I've had many Netscape crashes occur when I'd found a new site but the bookmark didn't get saved due to the crash.

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New Yeah - that's neat.
All v5 releases of Opera have that. Although it's an admission that our PCs aren't as stable as we'd like, it's also a way of saying "well, if we can't fix this problem, at least let's work around it!"


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New Yes, that screen came up.
This screen is well known to me from the days I ran it under WinOS2. All selections work the same, "Illegal Operation" is the next thing you see.

Since I can't use it until they have a sellable version without that godawful advertising bar I'm not going to mess with it. I'll just wait patiently another year or two for the he GA to come out.
New Did you by chance change the toolbar to TEXT ONLY?
In the opera.os2 newsgroup, on Opera's news server, somebody posted that they changed their toolbar to text only, and that Opera crashed the next time they ran it. They fixed it by changed 'Button Type=1' to 'Button Type=0' in OPERA.INI. It's posted as being a reproduceable problem, and the Opera team replied that they've found and fixed the bug.

Darrell Spice, Jr.

[link|http://home.houston.rr.com/spiceware/|SpiceWare] - We don't do Windows, it's too much of a chore

New Yup, that did it all right.
Probably did that when I was trying to shrink that bar (didn't know it hosted ads yet, it just said "Opera" for quite a while).
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