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New Typhoon (Cyclone) Utor.
A weather map I saw looked like it would at least affect Hong Kong.


I sure hope all is well in Hong Kong and with our friend Doug Marker.
New Re: Typhoon (Cyclone) Utor.

Must have been the biggest 'fizzer' of a Typhoon - we got up to a T8 warning on late Thurs night (ferries stop, schools stop many businesses stop etc:) but the weather was mild - milder than it had been in the previous 3 weeks of wet. There was no real wind to worry about (that we could see).

Interestingly a small village at the end of our Island (Lantau - where the new airport is) was flooded by high tides, but further down the Isalnad we had no idea & only learned of it on the news.

Some parts of the New Territories were supposed to have been mildly flooded -

My daughter in Scotland contacted us as they had seen warnings there but have to tell ya - it was a non-event for HK.

Cheers & thanks for your kind thoughts

New I'll take a non-event hurricane every time!
That's good news, Doug.

Having lived through Hurricane Hugo here in Charlotte in 1979, I have some idea of what it's like. It was actually the "tail-end" of Hugo. "Only" a max of 90 mph when it got to Charlotte, NC vs. 140 mph when it hit Charleston, SC. Nonetheless, windows were sucked out of those tall bank buildings uptown, and my home was without power for 12 days. One gets sensitized to the effect these tropical storms.

Glad to hear you got a pass on this one.
New Re: I'll take a non-event hurricane every time!

Yup we were lucky - have heard real horror stories about some of the bad ones in past years here.

Also had the oppotuntiy to work in Cary N.C. in 1999 & went for a trip to the outter banks - now that would be a scary place to be in a big cyclone.

I still find it strange to think of all those house built with hollow 1st floors, just to let the tidal surge thru with minimal obstruction.


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That sounds like a venereal disease.
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