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New This one time, in band camp....
New Heh...
You may laugh, but I have some fond memories of band camp. Nothing to do with flutes and cats, however. ;-)

In order to understand recursion, one must understand recursion.
New It's just that..
..ever since I saw that movie, and spewed coke out my nose laughing at that line, I haven't been able to NOT think about it when a conversation turns to band :-)

On another note (pun most definitely intended), my sister was in band from elementary school through college, and currently is 2nd chair Clarinet in the Denver Concert Band. Many times I was called on to help out with the driving, band booster activities, chaperoning, etc. It was fun.

Me? I play guitar, not really conducive to a marching band :)
New There's always a mariachi band! :)
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