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News Picks Gerard: Any revised thoughts on Ashcroft's 'Libertarianism'? - (Ashton)
News Picks A smorg\ufffdsbord of Right-wing IT stuff to make us "safe": - (Ashton) - (19)
Patent Wars and Antitrust Register takes on various M$ Stealth language atrocities - (Ashton)
Open That you have to *explain* such things.. - (Ashton) - (2)
Regional/World Conflict The comparison is about 'mindset' only, not probability - (Ashton)
Flame OFF! Well put. - (Ashton) - (2)
Jobs Got a bunch of oscilloscopes.. - (Ashton)
Oh, Pun! As Dr. Who says, "Have another jelly, baby." -NT - (Ashton)
Open Sample today on NPR - - (Ashton)
News Picks A loss to worldwide teaching of beauty, and towards peace. - (Ashton)
Now viewing page 2,987 of 3,084

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