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New In a way, maybe that's bad too.
Kelzer writes:
It's a shame Microsoft has been able to leverage its desktop monopoly into a near-monopoly in the fileserver market, when NetWare is so superior. Oh well, guess I can root for Linux.
But, if a lot more people than you have that attitude, that'll virtually gurantee that it comes true -- you'd be helping the prophecy of Netware's demise to become self-fulfilling.

So what's next -- if or when Linux isn't an immediate M$-killer, let's abandon it, in turn, for something new? Maybe that's one of the many things that keep the Redmonopoly going: We can't seem to stick with one competitor long enough for it to have time to work. (Bye, OS/2!)*

Note that I am not accusing or blaming you personally, Kelzer (Oh, BTW: Hi, and welcome!), of anything; just pointing out that a lack of perseverance, an inability to unite around one "main competitor" at a time (for a little longer than a Warhol Fame Period**), may be a real existing reason for the persistence of Bill's stranglehold over the computing public.

Just a (sad) little observation that came to mind, reading your post.

*: Then again, sometimes they rise from the dead after a while. (Hello, OS/2 eComStation!)

**: "Who the fuck is Warhol? Oh, just some guy, I suppose he must have been famous once... As I recall, mainly for saying that in the future, everybody would be famous for fifteen minutes."
   Christian R. Conrad
The Man Who Knows Fucking Everything
New Don't misunderstand me
I haven't given up on Novell. Given the choice, I'd be using it today. I still extoll its virtues to anyone who'll listen. I still root for NetWare, but I believe Linux has a better chance because its business model is the only one that can compete with Microsoft on a large scale. Of course, if the anti-trust remedies are adequate, perhaps NetWare, Navigator, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, and other former market leaders might make a comeback.

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Besides, we all have spell check these days, right?
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