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Welcome to IWETHEY!

As I posted in the Linux forum, I've installed Linux on my work laptop, without explicit permission.

Our sysadmin happened by a few minutes ago and noticed the RedHat icons on my Gnome/Sawfish desktop and asked "What's that?"

So I explained to him that I partitioned the drive without disturbing the original Windows installation, installed Linux and VMWare then 98SE and Office 2K in the virtual machine.

His comment: "Where's the license for that?"
Me: "For what??"
Him: "For that Leyenux"
Me: "It's GPL, Freely available, no explicit license necessary"
Him: "Well I see it For Sale..."
Me: (while I fire up Outlook in the Win98 virtual machine right in front of him) "I'm sending you email about the GPL now...I downloaded the CD images from RedHat, burned them and installed. All Legal."

It's been all I can do to keep from going off....

New Oh, the humanity!
How anyone can work in our industry and not *know of the existence of* such simple concepts is beyond me.
That's her, officer! That's the woman that programmed me for evil!
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Satire is now officially dead. It died from laughing too hard and choking on its own vomit.
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