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Welcome to IWETHEY!

New Just discovered...
... a post in the old ezIWETHEY, asking about zIWETHEY because it was down.

In the future, please direct all questions about zIWETHEY being down to the Suggestions forum here, as I don't read the old forums very often at all.

-scott anderson, PhB
New Shouldn't you recategorize this...
...to the O-Pun forum?

You were born...and so you're free...so Happy Birthday! Laurie Anderson

New Hey! this is about *previous* tricks -
Posting StupidTricks in-progress! blong in the

Meta-PHB division of the Metaphysics Forum.

Now if there were also technical errors within same post, made by an actual Admin..

We'd have to tell Admin's son, so he could change his name before career is damaged..
Er, is opposite of prescience.. predumbth?
New Umm ...
Just advocating for the devil here, but isn't that a bit like telling someone to check the online documentation for their non-functional modem? If the question is "Why can't I get to zIWETHEY?" how are they supposed to ask that question ... on zIWETHEY?

(Of course if the question was "Why couldn't I get to ..." that would be a different story entirely. But I wouldn't know because I haven't looked there in a while. Guess it's time to go see how ghostly the old town is ...)
This is my sig. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
New Re: Umm ...
Read the name of this forum, Spanky.

-scott anderson
New Doat!
Nope. Just had to read your sig in the original post.
This is my sig. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
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