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New Re: Mike-Shunning Competition
classic rexx:

do 50; say '*shun*'; end

object rexx:

do 50; .output~lineout('*shun*'); end

... though the classic rexx code will work just fine in the object rexx interpreter, of course.
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New Well, if we're running in the interpreter:


will output *shun* 50 times.

Does Rexx have a command-line option?

-scott anderson

"Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson..."
New Yeah, it's called rexxtry

Actually, that's the format you'd use in rexxtry:

rexxtry do 50; say '*shun*'; end

Hmmm... using object rexx you could do something like this:

rexxtry say ('*shun*'0d0a~x2c)~copies(50)

which will put out fifty lines. If you don't care about actual lines of output, you could do

rexxtry say '*shun*'~copies(50)

Of course, if you wanted to mix'n'match functional/oo ("Heresy!", he cried), you might want to change the second example to be

rexxtry charout(,('*shun*'0d0a~x2c)~copies(50))

Or, alternatively, and keeping more in tune with the built-in object model, you could do

rexxtry .output~charout(('*shun*'0d0a~x2c)~copies(50))

All depends on how you want to go about it, I guess:)

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New way back in the stone ages...
I wrote a little utility called REXX. It would take a REXX statement and execute it, or if there were no arguments it would simulate a shell environment. I used it alot. I just checked. I still have it. Here's the opening comments:
\n/* Interactive REXX */                                          \n                                                                \n/* written  ??/??/?? by Carl Forde                            */\n/* modified 89/09/07 by Carl Forde - no errortext for NOVALUE */\n/*                                 - display command instead  */\n/* modified 90/02/01 by Carl Forde - remove signal on ERROR   */\n

By changing the filetype it would run as an XEDIT macro. Very handy for debugging XEDIT applications.
wow. makes me all nostalgic.
Have fun,
Carl Forde
New Bitch.
You get included in the program, now, too.

New I am honoured.
'Tis far nobler a thing... ;)
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I've never been so insulted in all my week!
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