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New Eh...
I dunno about Norm, but my network has precisely one (1) W2k machine. The server is RedHat 6.2. The other workstation is RH 7.1 the laptop is WinMe, and the other two PCs are both Windows 95.

It's looking like something not quite square in my Win2k networking. I'll go rummaging and try a few things. (And DNS update is already turned off.)


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New You're going to be wanting...
...to get your NetBIOS naming working.

Those Win95 boxen mean that that's the way name resolution is going to work.

Things to check : all boxes have NetBIOS bound to the same protocol (I suspect that as you've got a Linux box in the mix that this will be TCP/IP) and they're all in the same workgroup/domain.

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