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New Open JMS - Anybody?
Does anyone know of an open-source version of JMS that does in-memory queueing?

We are about to start a very short duration prototype project which will require the creation of a few message queues in memory.

I do queues all the time in database (without the benefit of MQSeries), but this time, performance is a key issue, and fast development is another.

I guess I could inquire about MQSeries, but I don't want to be stuck with 10K per CPU licensing fees that would kill a decent prototype project.

We have BEA Weblogic working on another system, but we're just doing servlets, and the customer is unhappy with the HTML/Applet User Interface. So, we'll probably be converting to JBuilder full-featured programs in the near future, with RMI calls to back-end database. The owner of the company has even discussed scrapping Java for GUIs and going back to Delphi (because the screens get done faster).

I would rather NOT have to buy WebLogic just for JMS.

We've discussed (on the other project) starting to learn EJB's and build the back end components in EJBs so they fit into a "scalable" architecture.

IMHO, from what I've seen, EJB's only help you if your application is already larger than 1 machine, or if you have to build a distributed computing environment (where different services are available on different machines and you have to aggregate them to build a system). I did bunch of that with Tuxedo, but haven't had the opportunity to do it with EJB yet, because all our Java code can run in one decent Unix machine.


1. Open source in-memory JMS...
2. Websites for good open-source Java code...


Glen Austin

New Two possibilities...
What about [link|http://freshmeat.net/projects/swiftmq/?topic_id=20| SwiftMQ ] or [link|http://www.xmlblaster.org/| XML Blaster ]? I'm guessing that SwiftMQ might do the trick.
New Re: Two possibilities...
Thanks, I'll look at SwiftMQ.

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