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New Have you seen this .PDF by IBM Hursley?
[link|http://www.mqug.org.uk/anonftp/25Apr01_Security_Introntro.pdf|[link|http://www.mqug.org.uk/anonftp/25Apr01_Security_Introntro.pdf|http://www.mqug.org...ntrontro.pdf]] 385kB.

Mark's presentation asks for questions - perhaps he's still there and can offer pointers.


(who knows nothing about MQ)

New No, I hadn't....thanks!
The presentation content doesn't directly relate, but
Mark sounds like he has the expertise I need to tap.
I'll drop him a line. Appreciate the help.

(who knows only a little about MQ)
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         Have you seen this .PDF by IBM Hursley? - (Another Scott) - (1)
             No, I hadn't....thanks! - (slugbug)

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