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New The server does, yes.
Last weekend I replaced a Netware install with a Samba install. The problem with the Netware install was that the client was fighting with the Windows networking, and access was slow. Turned out that the Netware file volume was compressed! There were also ongoing problems with the printers (JetAdmin for Netware...).


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New There's my advantage
We don't use any of the other features of Netware. It just serves files. Also, I know next to nothing about Netware admining. I can add/chage/delete users info, shutdown/startup (not that I ever need to) the server, and use ncopy where appropriate. I'd have to nervously crack a book open for anything more involved like resintalling the thing. I'd just as soon put it up on a Samba share if it came to that.

We use the Windows Netware client. We tried the Novell client but it was too bloated for some of our lower end (p<200, 32MB) machines, and we just don't use any of the other features. Hell, I've got an old 486 running DOS hooked up for netadmin as I don't want to deal with NDS access on Windows (definitely not MS's NDS support, ughh) and none of the Windows/Java admin clients seem to do Bindery mode. I briefly thought of whipping up some scripts using the Linux NW tools (I use them for some file transfer stuff between servers), but the old 486 was easier.

I've got a Linux box running Samba for a WINS server and some file shares (and EMail, and Fax server, and Intranet). Clients are Win98. Windows Networking gets TCP/IP. Novell gets IPX. Seems to work OK.
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