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New "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?". KQED has put this '67 (masterpiece?) on 2x X 2x recently
(That's one run at Prime-time then after hours. Done twice.)
Seems that--despite some $$-inroads onto PBS's Board--they have become the ~only Big-meeja to frequently show Al Punte material, old films and new: which focus, sans the pablum and euphemism, on the herd-of-elephants in all the parlors.

If you're unaware of this flic: It's SIdney Poitier, Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy (+ a new Player) full-on facing dis-US Bigotry--well, now you know the plot sorta. 1967 ... like 52+ years back; it's a Time-machine except ... The Menace has coalesced all the '67 fossils into a Reprise of the same mindsets: the 'AGAIN' part of his hat+mantra to the Base. [April 4, 1968 was MLK; Nov. 22, 1963 was JFK: assassinations (including of Language, though not so totally as right now].

Two lines from script:

1) Mother of Dr. X, the Poitier character asks her husband, "What happens to men when they get old??
2) Poitier to his father, following heated interchange, "..You think of yourself as a Colored Man ... ... I think of myself as ... a Man".

Enjoy the artistry if you check it out/cringe at the 0-progress [another line by the Tracy character refers to the Problem: that "200 millions" will ______
and ends with, Screw Them!. Pretty racy for 1967, just before the STOP-Vietnam era hit critical mass..
Just maybe the New Kids shall finally blow-up the brain-log-jam.. (if there's time for these to get-old, thus to find out).

Carrion.. some of it is 400 years old, in these parts.
New I think of myself as ... a Man
     "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?". KQED has put this '67 (masterpiece?) on 2x X 2x recently - (Ashton) - (1)
         I think of myself as ... a Man - (dmcarls)

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