(Just a re-cap in the final days of 2019 of. say, All We Have 'accomplished' in last couple decades). Pre-Auld Lang Sign-of-things lurking under beds.

Remember further: that brilliant Nuclear-grade E x p a n s i o n of the innocent word, Networking from-which--after decades of 'IT' being mere servants of Banks, Insurance Co.s and other Works by/for Mammon:

The (numerous example/koans) ~ Knowledge is Power/Power is Good!/Most-good of all is: Communication!!.
Thence came: The Intarweb And-more-better: Avalanches of Need-for: Moar IT-ers!
Banker-logic allus says, Supply -vs- Demand Sets Salaries {well ..at the top: ones with imagination, edjaKayshun, demonstrated innovative insights etc}. etc.
And.. Those-at-Top indeed are no longer assessed as--mere corporate *overhead re boring-old Financials == so pay these-NOT ..as Vuture-capitaismo always arranges:
"cheap/as-in 'desperate!'" aka * as disposable artifacts, like the depersonalized meat-armies of open-office stenographers (no '?' needed here).

So we Gots Transistors thence computers/computing thence (all that ensued) and topped-off with:
COMMUNICATIONS exponentially-enhanced: for every-single homo-sap extant--necessariy including the über-MALEVOLENT along with the the Good-guys-just like-us.
[Also too: cf. China: that perpetual Surveillance down to a mole-on-chin: this day exponentially being enhanced as fast as the paid spawners-Can-Spawn Techno-possibilities just on the horizon].

You see where this is going, eh? ..tryin to break this gently (think of the ∑-dystopian novellas like: where the later-deified guy's laundry-list (!) becomes a sacred relic? *title below, but doubt ya need the prompt..

FACT IS: *Pure-old Geo. Boole's 'logic' fueled this mad-rush towards exponential one-on-one/one-on-TOO-MANY: disturbed-homo-sap meat-mouth-flappers. It accomplished this via a Total-focus on what Techno Can Do "FOR" US (mathematically certfiably). And not nearly-ENOUGH ON:
(* logic is a poor-stepsister of Reason).

The Fucking Bowl of Rabid-mouthings as [used-to ...] reside within the EVUL-Id of the millions, setting this pandemic into: Actuality.
Techno-smart folk across the Board: FAILED to confer earnestly, hungrily-for-Knowledge from those er, 'soft-Sciences' which had, still! possess: the necessary compasses about just-what-might-occur?? when those inner-Nazis are freed: for exponential EXPANSION thence re-compiled into: Well, we all now Fucking-KNOW.

* A Canticle for Leibowitz

Ergo: those mono-meal material-'Science-Only': is 'relevant!' Folk: have precipitated THIS--very-possibly-Terminal pandemic upon "All and Everything" ...
VIA: that insanely-Great Idea-from-'networking'.

Carrion, fellow Perps.. Ignorance + hubris Did This to Ourselves ..while gloating at our Magnificence. AmIRight, sirs?
(Nor can moi claim any prescience via early-on experiments in 'programming-in-octal' etc.)
Merely I just noted that I could not seduce-self into that mindset--during all those sunny days within which we earn our livelihood (some of us within the pretty cages of a corner-office complex)--its building octo-sided--to provide more bait-goals for the easily-contented, while outdoors: Real-life was happening ..we might get home at dusk?

Maybe 20/20, as in Eyesight? can get Us-All a barely-squeak-through Pass? despite our Homo-Sapedness.

I recall vividly when, 'upstairs' in our medium large building, laboured the local-boffin--ept on crystalline electron habits--investigating the recently made at-production-levels, Transistors, all within the jargon of, 'pnp, npn' polarities: handling my first '2N34, 2N35'--when you needed Only Four spaces for their Number.
I looked closely at this little bug w/three-wires. Only a few years later, after a book+blackboard with real chalk, on Boolean Algebra™ ..recalling that discovery moment and What it Had-wrought, the miniaturization of Big Iron: the hP 65 hand-held portable AND programmable, via a small card + tiny motor inside; new-'LED'-things! (I Had-to buy one).

(But then, for all my insoucience re the + vs. - of that all): DaVinci's sketches of New Weapons, yet un-seen: did not prompt his own self-censorship. Either. Add-in Nobel in later centuries, etc. Our brainz aren't Good-enough and a "..yet" is itself a merely Iffy, uncompelling word-of-Escape these days.
Hell of a soap-opera; I'm All Ears next.

(Thence comes the grand-Opera version). With singing, I promise ;^> ..can't have Dickie Wagner's existential-dirges be Our Last Word, y'know?