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New Please listen this time.
The one thing I was correct about in 2016 was that Hillary could not win the presidency. While it won't surprise you that the policies Liz is proposing are vastly more in line with my own political leanings than the Senator from MBNA's are, she cannot win. If Liz is the nominee she will lose the general (electoral college, not the popular vote). The fly-over knuckle draggers will not vote for Warren.

I told you they wouldn't vote for Hillary and you ignored me. Please listen this time. They will not vote for Liz.

It's mourning in America again.
New Sure, in hindsight you were correct. But how much of that was self-fulfilling prophecy?
Perhaps if all the purity ponies like you hadn't been shooting her down from the left, but helped selling her to the right...?

Don't think just because you turned out to be right you're not at lest to some extent to blame for it.

You haven't earned that amount of smug.

   Christian R. Conrad
The Man Who (used to think he) Knows Fucking Everything

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New Nonsense.
My assertion that Clinton couldn't win was hardly hindsight. The state in which I have lived for over thirty years now is highly representative of the flyover region. I know these people. Bernie has and had the populist appeal that could have won these people over. Hillary did not. I pointed that out very early in the process - well before even the Indiana primary; just as I am pointing out now that Liz will not carry Indiana in the primary for the same reason that she would not win the general. Mind, I find absolutely no joy in saying that. I think she would make an excellent President - much better than Joe or that little twit from South Bend. But the flyovers won't vote for her and since there's been no movement on abandoning that last vestige of capitulation to Slave States (our Electoral College), we'll need at least a handful of flyover states to remove the Orange Menace.

As far as "helping to sell her to the right" goes, you cannot be serious. The people of the flyovers *still* think she did something wrong with her email server. They *still* believe she got away with murdering Vince Foster. They *still* believe she should have gone to prison over Benghazi and a non-trivial subset of them *still* believe she was running a child porn operation through a pizza joint. In their minds, if Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson or [insert Fox News Deplorable here] doesn't say it, it isn't true. They are *never* going to be informed people. They are *never* going to be decent human beings. They are *never* going to possess even the slightest bit of empathy save the tiny amount they feel toward members of their own tribe of jesus fans. In short, you demand the impossible.

It's mourning in America again.
New Think that about covers it
A modest addition mayhap, "never shall these pull-fingers-out-of-ears while going ..La-La-La", the final defense against unwelcome factoids of any ilk.
Perhaps a direct contribution to self-delusion pioneered by the early-on Rush-mouth habit (I recall a UPS driver, turning around via my driveway--way. back.--who had that voice on): 'twas my first audition/I knew not who the mo-fo-was, just instantly copped to the BS he was selling.

Confess that, I had not the wits--on this first audition--to imagineer the Futchah to be accomplished by this Master-of-patently-false semantic tricks. I thus failed to realize the extent /depth of penetration into so many tiny-minds all around moi. :-/

(I could not now commit an honourable-seppuku for this blindness, though)--I'd miss out on learning, ~"Shall there be? an Election/'election' a year from now. Or Something Else??
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