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New Yup, forever
I am on ever increasing dosage of metoprolol. This both reduces blood pressure and heart rate. If I stop, I go into tachycardia and possibly die.

Remember Beep bash when I lost 1/2 a Scott in 6 months, ie: 1/3 of my body weight? And what was left was pure muscle? Damn I loved that body (gone now).

My BP was 190/100 in those days. Exercise and diet and clean living did not change it in the slightest bit. I went on the meds.
New Or not
One of the ways to reduce stress and anxiety for migraines is to exercise. But I can't exercise because they set off my migraines. It's vicious circle and I need to break it somehow. Once I get the migraines under control and can start exercising again I may be able to taper off the meds.
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New You try imitrex?
New Haven't tried anything yet.
She gave me 3 options to research: nortriptyline (antidepressant), topiramate (antiseizure), and propranolol (blood pressure)

Imitrex is for treatment after you know it's coming on. I get them 1-2 times a day and am more suited for a prophylactic than an acute treatment.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
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New Understood
In the old days I'd get a possible aura and pop an ergotamine. Which only worked if caught REALLY early.

Then imitrex injectable came out. Side effects were a roaring fire in your chest for 30 seconds, and migraine got erased. No matter how deep I was into it.

Nowadays they have the tablet, works in about 20 minutes, no side effect.

I suggest you get a script for it to keep handy, for the moment the prophylactic fails.
New Once I see how this does, for sure.
She thinks there's a pretty good chance they just won't happen any more. And the ones I get are typically pretty low-grade: no real headache, minor aura. The problem is that 1-2 a day means I'm in constant postdrome and always exhausted and fuzzy.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
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