For shame, O wordsmith! even moi can descry that it be synonym for diarrhea-of-mouth folk (a friend has had to—temporarily—up-with-put such a one); his disease is of the form, saying-out-loud the various internal mutterings as come direct from the std. Monkey-mind, that which chatters-on even when both orator and his victim can see that he is in violation of the Main Koan, ~ One should keep an open mind but not so Open as to keep nothing In- or Out- of it {sigh}.

‘Tales’ simply, need more words to set internal scenes (?) than mere *narration. Whilst this can be overdone (maybe sometimes via a febrile-mindset du jour), common to all: I’ve yet to hear from you anything resembling er, fatuous fumbling depicts a search for w.t.f. *am I?* trying to S-s-say? here … and like that.
*Methinks that the tykes shall grow into appreciations which go-zoom in fledgling jelloware not yet set, awaiting cognition.

tl;dr I’ve found your mini-reviews to be incisive—do I want to watch this now?—(or from a *better/worse mood than just now). Noted also: many ‘Pro’ Reviewers, the paid ones, seem to bring a pistol to a knife-fight, whatever the plot and somehow market this refrain/tic as a personal Feature, not a Bug. (I don’t choose to be a Rorschach for such prima donnas), y’see?
* Jacques Tati flics--in any order--I find to be the surest instant antidote to liff amidst a deranged-also-malevolent enviro of Sainted-Looosers.

Ve musst keep zee Ranguage redolent and Alive! in these times when the mass-murther of a word like Incredible!! has been thought, by millions Not-mean what. it. Means.: This is not Credible assholes with a recognition vocabulary of a 9yo or a Presyudent*-from-Hell. But you knew all this. Oh well..

That is all. :-þ