Or at least, the pResident trusts their judgment. I'm going to be sick.
Donald Trump has said the US response to the attack on Saudi oil facilities will depend on the assessment in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, and downplayed US dependence on Middle East energy supplies.

Unnamed US officials were quoted in US media outlets as saying Iranian cruise missiles were used in Saturday’s attack on an oil field and processing plant. Estimates of the number of missiles used ranged from “nearly a dozen” to “over two dozen”.

The US and Saudi Arabia have accused Tehran of mounting the attack, but Iran’s president appeared to confirm a claim of responsibility by Yemen’s Houthi rebel group.

Speaking in Ankara, Hassan Rouhani said: “Yemeni people are exercising their legitimate right of defence … the attacks were a reciprocal response to aggression against Yemen for years.”

Mind you, I'm not arguing for a war but FFS, since when do we take our lead on intelligence from two of the more barbaric despotic regimes in the world?